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Sergei's Testimony

Sergei's TestimonyHi,my name is Sergei Maiorov and I would like to share my testimony with you. First of all I want to tell you my short biography and what preceded my meeting with our Heavenly Father and giving my life to our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

I was born in Estonia, former USSR republic,in the capital city called Tallinn. My dad Konstantin is atheist (even though he was baptized in Russian Orthodox Church at very young age) and my mum Zoya always believed in God but she was hiding it from dad, and her beliefs are religious (meaning she followed all the church holidays and traditions without understanding).

It seems like satan has been trying to kill me from the very young age. I spent most of my primary school(about 3 years) in different hospitals and once I almost died from a very rare disease when I was 7. I started smoking and drinking when I was 13-14 years old,then at 15 I tried my first drug cannabis which I carried on using until I was 28. All other drugs followed shortly after my first experience. In order to be accepted by 'friends' one had to take part in all their activities. The philosophy was that without drugs and alcohol life is dull and lacks any meaning whatsoever and that they (drugs) expand your consciousness.

I moved to London when I was 22 and because there were no parents and I felt 'freedom' to do what I wanted to do, my life started spinning out of control. All the money I earned would go towards my drug and alcohol addiction. My normal weekend would start on Friday night with a cocktail of drugs and booze and would carry on until Sunday night. No wonder I started losing one job after another. Somewhere deep inside my heart I knew there was God and started praying to Him to help me break that never ending circle.

First time I met Jesus in Russian speaking evangelist church where I got baptized. I felt the peace I never had before in my entire life, no one had to explain me that there is God. YOU JUST KNOW THAT HE IS GOD! But after 2 months of alcohol free life I started drinking even worse than I used to, wouldn't go to work for weeks, turn off my mobile phone so no one could reach me and drink myself senseless. Sometimes I couldn't recall what was I doing in the past few weeks and could physically sense that my end was near. Few years before I met Gina, a young Christian lady who's been asking me to come to one of her ministry's meetings and I kept postponing it. This time I got to the point where I knew I haven't got much time left and rushed to the Ministry Gina called me to! The name of the ministry is The Ministry of Jesus Christ and I truly met Jesus there. The Lord supernaturally freed me from all my addictions in no time. God heard my cries for help and came on time. He knows us and what we really need better than ourselves because He created us for a purpose. There is no one in the whole world who loves you more than Him, who you can tell anything and He will patiently listen to you, the One who you can rely on and He will never ever let you down.

Thank you Jesus.

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