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Why Partner With Us?

Partnership is not something to be taken lightly it is a covenant relationship. It is a commitment. It is two or more people binding themselves towards a single vision. Much like a marriage, a partnership between an individual and a ministry requires work, communication, understanding and God as the foundation. Also like a marriage, it is a source of unparalleled joy and fruitfulness.

That is why we offer partnership with an attitude of reverence and excitement, for when you make the choice to partner with us here at The Ministry of Jesus Christ, we understand that our futures become joined. We also understand that you are not only partnering with us, but us with you. Our successes, failures, pains, and joys are experienced together as we do the work of God.

That is why we here at The Ministry of Jesus Christ are choosing to make our Partners a important. A Partner is not just a monthly cheque and a weekly prayer they are our co- labourers in Christ.

When it all comes down to it, we are joining together to be a part of something greater than ourselves. Help us build the Body Of Christ!

Why not Contact us about partnership today?


Learn With Us - hear from the Prophetess

Here you can take advantage of our blog posts or purchase some of the lessons from the Prophetess. You will be able to listen to an excerpt of the lessons for free before deciding whether to download the whole teaching.

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