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Motie's Testimony

New Image Upload Father God Thank You for The Ministry of Jesus Christ. I grew up in Kenya in a home where anger, abuse and fear was present. I was seeking for peace, solutions and love and often believed I deserved the abuse. Although my father was a good man he had ugly streaks of violence, abuse and anger; this had my mum and I fearful of when he would "snap".

I searched for answers surely God is the God of peace and love why is it that there is no peace within me, mum or in my home. I searched! Born a shia muslim the traditions and prayers seemed more and more meaningless, the more I tried to seek allah's approval the emptier it all seemed. I believed that if I pleased allah and did all that he said the violence in my home would stop if anything it got worse. Still no peace! I started to look in the suni way of islam as I was dating a suni at the time bribing God with the "good deeds" was my idea of getting His approval. 5 times a day prayers, studying the qu'ran, fasting following a programme which had me believing that being good on the outside will rub in on to the inside. God was still beyond my reach!

When my mother died my world fell apart. Only she understood what it was like. The ritualistic prayers changed nothing. I was still in pain, still lost, still alone! The abuse from father became worse, my mental state was deteriorating, the eczema on my body was now fierce – I was suicidal. I have got to get out!

I left my father and flew to England hoping to be consoled by my boyfriend, but as he was a strict Muslim I had to go by a friend's house. I arrived at her house and Wow, what a different atmosphere! Peace! Peace! This is nothing I have ever experienced before! My friend's mother is Prophetess, the Lord directed me right into His arms. I had always respected Jesus as a Prophet of God even said a prayer for Him every night as I did for the other Prophets mentioned in the qu'ran as required of me. Even as I prayed for the prophets my heart always softened when I prayed for Jesus and I didn’t fully understand why but this Jesus I was hearing about through Prophetess was sounding real. She shared her numerous testimonies of God's awesome power and the PERSONAL relationship she has with Him and how God identifies with my pain, grief, mourning...

God could identify with me! With me? A drug abuser, porn watcher, sexually pervert, selfish and manipulative runaway... – this Jesus COULD understand me? Alright then – if You are real Jesus, if You are the saviour, if You are the Prince of Peace, if You are the healer... PROVE it!

I challenged God, I challenged Jesus! "I have asthma heal it - this eczema that is eating away behind my knees full of pus clear it over night and I will worship and follow you and never leave You."

I wake up the next morning – yes! HEALED! 100% healed. Healed in God's household, healed in the Ministry of Jesus Christ, healed by miracle, this Jesus is for real!!!!!!!! The scripture that came alive for me when I first became born again was John 14:6 "I am THE way, THE truth, THE life, no one comes to the Father except by me".

Thank You Prophetess for being my real parent. I am blessed beyond measure. Amen!

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