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Patience's Testimony

Patience's TestimonyI thank The Lord Jesus Christ for Prophetess; I thank Him for the teachings that I have received from TMOJC (The Ministry of Jesus Christ).

I was brought up by my grandparents in Ghana, as both my parents went for further education to the United Kingdom. When my parents returned to Ghana they took me to live with then, which caused much unsettling in my life, I became quiet and withdrawn, as I did not know them and could not connect to them. On top of this I was told to call my mother mum instead of my grandmother who had raised me. The next step of my life was even more confusing as after a while with my parents, I would be shuffled back to grandparents and vice versa, I cannot remember how many times that took place. This included school changes at each turn and repeating of grades.

It was difficult for me to remember anything I learnt at school because I could not focus let alone understand what life was about. I grew up jumbled up inside since there was no connection to anyone I could confide to explain things going on in my mind and emotions. I was referred to by them as useless and would become only a street market woman. Silently rage was building up inside of me from all of this shifting, being told I would become a useless nobody and feelings of abandonment. However, physically, I appeared as a quiet child. Eventually, to my surprise, I experienced this rage inside of me unleash itself on a boy bigger than I when he crossed me and I took a huge stainless steel bucket and beat him until he had broken nose & scratches all over his face. I then quietly went home telling nobody of the incidence. My grandparents whom I was with at the time only knew because the young man's mother came charging to our house. They refused to believe I would do anything like that as I was the quietest of the children until I told them that I did beat him.

Both my parents got jobs in Zambia and took me to live with them. I loved this new place although still raging inward and felt stunted in expressing myself in any way; but this was short lived as on holidaying in Ghana my mother died and my father had to leave to resume his position in Zambia. I was then handed over to my uncle in Ghana until my early teens; by this stage I was enraged at the slightest thing and felt very abandoned and angry at everyone. I was later recalled to join my father in Zambia this was where I completed my O' levels. In one of my raging instances I threw a knife at my brother which grazed him. Also, anyone who tried to challenge me I would go all out to fight them.

I arrived in London for further education still in emotional turmoil. I went to several churches, where I heard the Word but had no understanding nor how to apply it practically. I had no personal relationship with The Lord Jesus only religion (A God somewhere!!!!!!!!). I was a confused mess as well as very suicidal at one point.

I only truly felt connection to The Lord and fulfilled when I came to TMOJC where the Love of The Lord is released in limitless measure. I learnt first, that my identity is in Christ Jesus who first loved me; that through all my journey of abandonment He was with me and He has a purpose for my life. Through Prophetess's book Know Thy Self I learnt to get to know my weaknesses-rage etc., and was taught how to resist them by using The Word of God. I was also shown, now that I am in Christ, all the abandonment I felt in my past has no bearings on my future. I am free at last and in perfect peace.

I thank The Lord that I am not in a physical prison today because of that raging nature. I thank Him for leading me, to His Prophetess who speaks The Living Word that has released me from my emotional prison. You can also be set free today. To God be the glory!!

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