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New Image Upload The whole of humanity was and is being birth through the family unit. This even the scientist and research groups cannot deny. Before you were conceived, two people (It does not matter what type of two people it only requires two) who are meant to be the essential components of a family came together to conceive you therefore, you may not be a member of a family now but your root comes from the family nucleus. This is not only spiritual family but physically family as well.

On this note, no one can say they do not originate from a family unit. Others might say “Well I do not have a family nor do I come from a family background! Yes you did step through the original door of a family but you did not experience the full components of how a family should function! So how should a family function?

The Latin word familia means household. Household in the dictionary indicates a home, house and a group of people living together collectively or relating to, of (State, possession, origin or association). We are therefore, a mass of people created, nurtured and built to move and relate collectively together. The main component in a family is to have a sense of belonging, nurture love as a foundational root, trust being birthed, foundation of being a part of a unit (a group of people), in building of correction and discipline that is being raised in each person in this environment. You might say I have never experienced a sense of belonging let alone love, but that is how God intended a family unit to function. You may also wonder who created us then? GOD of course! according to the BIBLE. He started this concept of family because He is a family man.

Consequently, this is not the case in the world where there is all forms of disunity in family and society. Wherever you turn there is division between a group or faction, tribes against tribes, nation against nations, same group of people against one another. Does anyone wonder why this might be? I believe it is because we have shifted, drifted is a better word from the way God our creator intended a family to be and our selfish, greedy and prideful ways has caught up with us.

A family in reality means you are living on day to day basis getting to intimately know their likes, dislikes, being corrected, disciplined, depending and trusting being rooted in you, knowing about your friends and many more. This means you become so meshed (joined)with them to knowing most of their behavioural pattern. It should be a family that sacrifices to nurture each person in a great sense of unity, harmony, love, belonging. This is how The Lord our God wants it to be. In GENESIS 1v26-28 God formed man in His own image. He said in verse 28 for us to be fruitful, multiply and fill the earth plus many more. The fruitfulness is not only to become discerning, have wisdom etc. God wants us to flow in harmony, physically, spiritually and socially. However, we had a fall out with God and this can be found in GENESIS chapter 3; but because God was still desperate to have us as part of His family He made a way for us to reunite with Him and that is through Our Lord Jesus Christ whom He sent to save us and show us the way back to The Father. Blood had to be shed by Jesus death to wash our selfish and greedy minds away to be able to see the Father through Christ. In John 10v30 Jesus says He and the Father are one. In LUKE 24V48 Jesus said to His disciples to stay in the City until they have received Power from on high. This Power came down in the form of the HOLY SPIRIT IN BOOK OF ACTS 2.

We can therefore, see that God is not alone He is God in three; Father, Son and Holy Spirit. When you go back to Genesis 1 you will realise that God said the Spirit is hovering over the darkness and deep. The beginning of JOHN 1 further elaborates this point to show that God has been from the beginning a family. Hence when He said let us make man in His image He meant in His family unit of Love, joy, peace, discipline. The awesomeness of it all is that He wants this family relationship with each and every one of us and all we have to do is invite Him into our lives as Lord. Is He not a wonderful God to desire this from us mere mortals.

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