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First and foremost, I see myself as a channel of God's compassion and healing power.

In one of my earliest visions, I was given a commission and a warning by The Lord concerning the work to which God has called me, to heal the sick; comfort the sorrowing; teach and give faith to the faithless. The call of God for my life is to establish a "Residential Healing Home Complex" and this call has been fulfilled through the Ministry of Jesus Christ. During the vision The Lord also told me this would also bring rebuffs [1] along the way. Yet His assurance remained constant "I will never leave you nor forsake you." Challenges became opportunities and set backs were turned into triumphs. My secret is a life devoted to the Lord in prayers combined with unwavering, expectations, determinations and faith.

I wrote my first book "Know Thy Self" (2007) with many more yet to be published, as well as having taught in many places and establishing a Ministry Outreach in Nairobi Kenya.

Much has taken place in my life and walk with The Lord since I surrendered my life to Him. After many years of training with the Lord, 27 in all, much of this was spent hovering between life and death countless times, having lost everyone and everything in this period the entire history of my life was wiped out. I then found myself living in a foreign city, London, whose systems were new to me, without family and community support. I only had the very real presence of Jehovah God Almighty leading me on.

I have had many near death experiences and overcame several major heart attacks; strokes; breathlessness; nervous breakdowns; colon collapse; paralysis; the breakdown of my marriage due to my accepting God's call for my life, [because my husband is a Muslim; but The Lord has always assured me He can reconcile and restore my marriage in Him and on this I stand]; 9 court cases; 4 evictions and the homelessness that followed plus bearing the grief that all of this brought upon my children and I. I truly believe that these experiences would have killed me if not for The Lord in my life. The most amazing thing is that during these attacks upon my body, neither the doctors nor medical science could diagnose or assess my physical condition. I was falling apart before them and there was nothing they could do! My healings and restorations came directly from God alone, no earthly intermediaries were involved. All through those times I remained steadfast in prayer with the Lord and many prayers were being offered up for me by the members of my Ministry and prayer partners. I was always prompted by the Lord during these crises to choose to live because my destiny in Him had not been fully realised and for my children too – I refused to allow satan to kill me. With this in mind plus God's purpose for my life to establish His Ministry's "Residential Healing Home Complex" I determined to live. With each attack my faith grew more powerful and I prevailed. Through these trials and afflictions the Lord was always beside me guiding and instructing me on how to over come them including the betrayals and rejections. The Holy Spirit explained to me that what He was taking me through was for the purpose of endowing me with His love for His people. So as to equip and build their faith in His divine healing and providence [3] as well as helping them to understand the resourcefulness of His Holy Spirit that indwells us all.

My most defining moments occurred between 2006 and 2012. In the months leading to Easter 2012 crisis broke out again which affected my health and led to my last near death experience which occurred on Easter day April 15th 2012. It was during this dreadful experience that I heard The Lord say to me "your sufferings are over." Prior to this, on the 1st April 2012 the Lord spoke to my spirit saying "they are saying in hell - you and your children have defeated them." It was in the heat of this near death experience that I struggled and said to Him "Lord I want to fulfil Your purpose for my life" and asked Him to please reveal to me exactly what He keeps bringing me back from death to do. This is when He began revealing to me that if I carefully look back on His dealings in my life – how He has been preparing me and ministering through me I will see that my calling involves and requires a "Residential Healing Home Complex." I then began praying and asking Him as to how this would be accomplished with no financial backing. The Lord assured me with absolute confidence that He would provide and lead the way as He has been doing all through my walk with Him.

I rejoice that despite the rebuffs [1] and cynicisms [2] His Ministry of Healing is now firmly established in the Ministry of Jesus Christ. Communing with God has been the most beautiful, challenging and life changing experience. His divine presence is indeed a reality. Communing with God is a life devoted to prayer and worship which will banish every doubt and fear IF we will dare to do His Will. As we step out in His Faith substance we shall begin to know the truth and experience His wonderful power of love that is infinite.

I trust that this Ministry will become a source of great encouragement to all who are willing and prepared TO FACE THE COST OF STEPPING OUT IN FAITH to bring God's healing love and hope to those in need as it has been to many that have been touched and revived in the Ministry.


  1. Rebuffs: oppositions, misfortune, slander, treat with contempt, disobey, contentions, hostilities, misprice, disappointment, disregard, undervalue, grief, distress, afflictions, discouragements, *setbacks; setbacks are set ups for God to establish, build and restore you to new health-spirit within you; to put you into a position of power.
  2. Cynicisms: attitude of disbelief, doubt, mockery.
  3. Providence: destiny, divine intervention, God's Will, His care, prudence, judiciousness, wisdom.

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