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The word Anger originates from Latin – angere which means “to strangle”; Old Norse (that is medieval language of Norway or Scandinavia) is angr which means “grief”. Just seeing the origin of the word anger is depressing, destructive and it does bring grief into our lives and other peoples lives.

In dissecting the root word “ strangle” is to choke, to cut off, to suppress, inhibit...............I don’t know about you but when I get angry I do feel like I am being suppressed, choked as it takes me a long time to come back to normal or balanced self with any feeling of joy in me. I feel a part of myself has been buried or lost in allowing that nature of anger to overwhelm me.

The world sees this as an emotion that everyone goes through and must accept this as part of them. There is always a reason though why this passage in EPHESIANS 4V26 “In your anger do not sin: Do not let the sun go down while you are still angry.” Then the next verse says “Do not give the devil a foot hold.” What does these verses in EPHESIANS mean? I am talking from experience in that when this emotion takes over me I lose all sense of balance and I become destructive, slamming doors, take anything near me and throw, may go a day or so not speaking, just to mention a few things whereas others might do other strange things. I noticed over the years in my life this emotion seem to have taken more sinister trait and it is only by the grace of God that I am free. However, the Lord has enabled me to see in Ephesians what takes place in our lives when we allow this emotion to control us.

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The Lord does not refuse us to be angry He wants us to allow that emotional vent, but require us to control it by watching what we say or do in that instant. During that moment of anger I am choked, cut off. What do you mean? That is my senses for rational thinking as they will say has been cut off therefore whatever I do in that angry moment is out of my normal behavioural scope (control). The world would say that is expected. However, the Bible says we must not commit any sin; do not stab anyone with your angry words, do not go slapping people nor harbouring spite in your heart towards them and above all ensure that a peaceful solution is attained in that instant(that is what I understand about do not let the sun go down while still angry). What!! I am angry he/she has made me angry and to make peace now? The Peace the Lord is talking about is to be able to straight away apologize, repent whether you are right or wrong! I know what am talking about I have had to do a few of those. Yes apologize! Not just mouth it but genuinely say sorry so that both your hearts would be relieved and at peace to think forward.

Note the next verse following which says not to give the devil a foot hold. This means should you not resolve(may not be something to resolve that very day) but at least apologize, you would have left the door open for other minor issues that would not have otherwise bother you begin to fester and build up and before you know, what should have been easy becomes court case, divorce, take a knife...............!

In JONAH 4V1-2 is an interesting passage that I would encourage all to read. In verse 2 Jonah states to the Lord “I know that you are a gracious and compassionate God slow to anger and abounding in love a God who relents from sending calamity”.

The SLOW TO ANGER ministered to me in that Slow-means it’s prolonged, delayed, long drawn, unhurried, gradual.... To me this shows that God does not just get angry He chooses to be angry therefore it is a choice for us as well to choose to be angry or to control the anger. Consequently, the main resolving issue with anger is to be repentant, apologize in order for a peaceful atmosphere to prevail bringing restoration to that place.

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