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New Image Upload Salvation – from Latin Salvum (to save). The whole world has been caught up in a “rat race” trying to get rich, famous, or powerful. We are putting all our trust in money or good “connections” only to find out that wealthy and famous have problems too. Once you achieved something and gone up to another level – the pressure on you is rising. We are climbing this “pyramid of success and recognition” trying to reach as high as we can. We shape our lives according to others’ opinions , working really hard to keep up with our neighbours or colleagues. The higher we get the more insecure or arrogant we become, surrounded by envious and treacherous “friends”. Not finding ourselves in our life or career and losing our faith in people we can become frustrated which could lead to stress and depression. No wonder why some people turn to drugs or alcohol in an attempt to ease that pressure. Some turn to psychologists trying to resolve their problems. None of these things give you a full satisfaction and peace of mind, they only temporarily move your problems aside but they still remain with you unsolved. One thing all these people lack in common is PEACE. No material possessions or social status can give you this peace. I’m talking about peace of mind, no matter what your circumstances are or how much money there is on your bank account, the peace in the middle of the storm. People are looking for the purpose of their lives but couldn’t find it because they are looking in a wrong places. Sometimes we reach a point in our lives where we ask ourselves : “ what do I live for? why do I live? what is this world all about?”. Bible has got all the answers. As you can see above the word Salvation derives from Latin word Salvum and it means “to save”. All dictionaries say almost the same: Salvation in Christianity is the act of saving(delivering), through the Lord Jesus Christ, from slavery, evil and the power and effects of sin. Our Salvation is the gift of God and it is based on what Jesus Christ accomplished on the cross, became a sacrifice for ALL OUR SINS! Yes we are all sinners without being adopted by God through His Son Jesus Christ. So what is it we are being saved from? The answer is simple – ourselves! Our sinful nature that is in disagreement with God. You can compare Salvation to a U-turn that leads back to our Father and our real Destiny. Everything old has to go, all your bad habits have to go, your whole thinking has to change. God has given us free will and He wants the very best for us, but He doesn’t force us to choose Him. Through the Bible, in Old and New Testaments, God calls on us to choose Him. He wants to heal us, prosper us, enjoy the fullness of life, to be the light for this world. He wants to give us the real freedom, freedom from our fears, insecurities, bitterness, anger, greed, lust, and so on - only if we choose Him and to live according to His principles. The freedom of today’s world is “you are free to do what you want to do".This is not freedom, but slavery to one's selfish desires.It is not easy to live according to God's principles because your are going against the "current",against the world's system and it's rules. To be a Christian is to be a follower of Christ and His teaching.God Himself is showing you the way of life that is life without fear,life that's full of joy.Here is simple example: remember how you fully trusted your parents when you were a child? You never cared about what to wear or what to eat, because parents provided everything for you. It's no different with God, but His love is much bigger than we could ever imagine. Yes we are all His children but in order to be saved from our sins we have to accept Christ as our Lord and Saviour. Sin is a violation of God's laws, God loves sinners but hates their sins. If you really want to see miracles in all areas of your life - accept Christ as your Lord, welcome Him into your life and get ready to experience something really exciting! God's Salvation gives you peace you've never had before, knowing that your entire life is in His loving hands. He is giving us peace and joy regardless of our race,nationality,social status or appearance. It is an invitation into His family and His Kingdom.

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