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End Times

The End Times and The Lord's Remnant = A group of people that stands out from the rest… "" Rev 12:1-11...We are living in the times of this Scripture NOW. ■This Remnant are a company of people that are going to Mature ahead of the others GOD IS RAISING UP END TIME JOSEPHS... VIDEO of the MESSAGE….move Cursor to...1:02….. The invitation is for all of you to go IN to where we are talking about now...(TRANSFIGURATION...) to become a part of THIS REMNANT GROUP. But you've got to PRESS IN to The Lord, SEEK, PRAY, let HIM Deal with your life! Be *honest, *open, upright! Let Him deal with you!!!....‎ __________________________ What does pressing into The Lord mean?....It means….."I do not count myself to have apprehended; but one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind and reaching forward to those things which are ahead, I press toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus." Philippians 3:13–14 NKJV __________________________ Hard times are coming but, GOD'S going to have A People that will protect HIS CHURCH! Do you want to be a part of this GLORIOUS COMPANY OF PEOPLE? ‎This means, coming into that level of maturity before the others! ‎ We've come into the Feast of Tabernacles and, there is an EXPERIENCE...that's TRANSFIGURATION! IF THAT'S WHAT YOU WANT, YOU HAVE TO PAY THE PRICE FOR IT...You will have to pay a very high price for THIS TRANSFIGURATION...BY ALLOWING THE LORD TO PURIFY YOU WITH FIRE, WATER AND THE BLOOD...!!!! THIS EXPERIENCE WILL RECONDITION YOUR WHOLE PHYSICAL BODY TO TRAVEL IN THE POWERS OF THE AGE TO COME. SALVATION WAS A REAL EXPERIENCE, BAPTISM OF THE HOLY SPIRIT WAS A REAL EXPERIENCE..NOW THERE IS this ONE MORE EXPERIENCE... *SPIRITUAL death to self...Martyrdom...THIRD DAY RESURRECTION! Most of the church=(the body of Christ) are in The Outer Court at the moment... "" ….. The next level(from the Outer Court) is the Pentecostal church ‎(speaking in tongues).... To be honest, most of them have no idea what's about to come!!!....what's taking Place presently!!! BUT, YOU'VE GOT TO GO ON!!!! There will be criticism, you will be called all kinds of things! Doesn't matter! Press in! Press in! ☆The DOOR is OPEN!!!! The DOOR IS NOW OPEN and the specific GRACE is AVAILABLE for you to PRESS INTO THIS NEXT LEVEL!!!!! If that's what you want, you can have it!!!! There is a story in the book of Judges where it talks about Gideon how he rose up and defeated the enemy. Israel was about to be overrun and enslaved by the Medianites. That word Medianites mean, *strife and *contention! __________________________ strife and *contention= *argument, conflict, bone of contention, *controversies, discords, *differences, disunity, enmity, fighting‎, hostility, hassle, war...strife= vigorous or bitter conflict, discord, antagonism, warfare, Contention=a false idea or opinion that is put forth, Synonyms=argument, assertion Proposals rationale reasoning: »»an earnest effort for superiority or victory over GOD'S: heated contention for the victory: battle, conflict, strife, grappling, war, serious warfare: showdown friction disagreement disputes »Antonyms: concord harmony peace» Contention is a DECEIVED belief that is argued to bring disagreement, the act of satan, deception=through or using the reasoning minds... verses the mind of GOD; a situation in which you have a chance to win something you are trying to get; IF you HOLD ON TO your BELIEF IN GOD'S WORD TO you...DO NOT GIVE IN TO THE DECEPTIVE psychological REASONING OF THE ENEMY...He always does this when we are AT THE DOOR OF OUR VICTORY! LET PERSEVERANCE DO IT'S COMPLETE purging TRANSFIGURING WORK IN you! James 1:4 NIV Antonyms=affectionate, friendliness, goodwill, kindness, consideration, harmony peace one accord agreement __________________________ As I was saying; Israel was about to be overrun and enslaved by the Medianites. That word Medianites mean, *strife and *contention! Then, There was a new generation who'd come up after Joshua who didn't really know The Lord, they were falling by the wayside because the country had become overrun by the enemy. Then an Angel appeared to Gideon. Gideon is no different to you and I/he is symbolic of you and I. The Angel of The Lord appeared to him in Judges 6:12; ‎and said to him: "The Lord is with you, Mighty MAN of Valour." Gideon turned around to see who the angel was talking to and said to the angel, "Look, I am from the least tribe...(referring to the 12 Tribes) and, I am the least in my Tribe." The Angel responded, "No, you are a Mighty Man of Valour!" GOD is saying, you/we are a Mighty people of Valour, but, we've got to step into it •BY WINNING THIS CONTENTION!!! Which MEAN CONFRONTING, RESISTING, STANDING, MOVING, TALKING, ETC., LOOKING and speaking and moving LIKE JESUS! WOW!!! The invitation is there!!! "The Lord is with you, you Mighty man or woman of Valour!" You all have that capacity...!‎!!! Gideons name means one who serves or cuts off(the Medianites = the LYING DECEPTIONS OF THE DEVIL THAT'S RAGGING AGAINST your minds, against our FAITH… FAITH HAS THE POWER TO MAKE - or to BRING your REASONING MIND UNDER THE SUBJECTION OF THE HOLY GHOST BY you LAYING IT, your reasoning mind ON THE ALTAR OF INCENSE=on THE CROSS=CRUCIFIXION! NOT GIVING LIFE TO IT...mean, NOT SUBMITTING TO IT'S DECEPTIVE humus REASONING, IMAGINATIONS, EMOTIONS and human EGO THAT'S WARRING AGAINST OUR HUMAN SENSES!...THESE ALL MUST DIE NOW...WE MUST BE RID OFF THEM ALL TO PASS OUR TEST = QUALIFY To become a part of this END-TIME REMNANT COMPANYOF MATURE PEOPLE THAT'S ABOUT TO ARISE!!!) ...Back to Gideon, God sends a Prophet to the Nation=(all of God’s people worldwide), to tell them that God is going to deliver them, then this angel arrives saying or confirming to Gideon...."‎you are the man that God's going to do this through." Gideon says, I'm the least...! I can't do this...! Now Listen to me!!!!.... God always chose the least!!!! He does not chose the top or strongest!!!! That's because they are humble=(they don't think highly of themselves regarding This calling) ….So, This gives us all hope! 1Cor 1:26 says: "For seeing your calling brothers, that not many are wise after the flesh, not many are mighty, not many nobles are called.‎" ASV AMP "Just look at your calling, believers, Not many of you were considered wise according to human standards, not many powerful or influential,‎ not many of you of high and noble birth." CJB "Just look at yourselves brothers - look at those whom GOD has called! Not many of you are wise by the world's standards, not many wielded power nor can boast noble birth." CEV "Dear friends, remember what you were when GOD called you. The people of this world did not think that many of you were wise. Only a few of you were in places of power, and not many of you came from important families. But God has chosen the foolish things of this world to confound the wise. God has chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty." GOD says to Gideon, "I will be with you to SMITE the Medianites!" God is saying to us/you & me, "I WILL be with you therefore, you can WIN this shall defeat these Medianites." ….THIS MESSAGE KEPT ME, Prophetess STRONG IN 2016 WHEN THE BATTLES WERE FIERCEST So Gideon says to HIM, OK, what do I do? HE says to Gideon, "Take your father's best oxens (every inherent hereditary nature from your background), hitch them together‎ to the Altar of Baal(every demon or evil spirit using you) and pull it down!“ Gedion says, yea, right! That's my life gone! Then HE said to Gideon, ”Pull down the idols in the land=your unredeemed soul and restore the Commandments of GOD!" …..That is what he was really saying. Pull down the *statutes-IMAGES of Astherah = those idols in your soul - mind, will, emotions, etc., and replace it with The Alter-The FACE of The LORD!...Face=HIS Divine Attributes...HIS HOLY CHARACTERISTICS, HIS NAME, HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS. By now Gideon is thinking, I'm dead! This is not going to work out!‎ So he thinks about this some more then he thinks... maybe I can get away with this! So by midnight he hitches the oxens up, goes and pulls the statutes down, establishes The Alter of The Lord there, then sneaks back into his house. When he wakes up in the morning, there is an uproar in the city! I don't know how it happened, but they found out that Gideon did it! There are loads of idols in this land(your souls and physical bodies) to be pulled down! Anyway, it's interesting you know.... The smallest tribe, the least of his brethren...we are just a small Remnant, what can we do?... ‎"There is A Company of people that are going to pull down the idols in this land....(their souls)!"...THROUGH OUR COMMANDING POWER, OUR supernatural FAITH FORCE, GRACE and OUR DECREES IN PRAYERS!!!! I don't know what this is but you might know. In the vision that I had, I was looking at the White House, I was looking down this straight line of sight that had a high Obelisk=(demonic symbol of leadership) that was in line with the White I watched this, the other night in this vision, *the WHOLE LOT came down! That Obelisk, what is that? The audience answered, ‎Washington Monument! HE said, it's coming down! I saw it topple down! It must have some demonic significance because I saw it fall! " THIS Company of people are going to pull down the idols in this land!".... and Restore the Commandments of GOD!‎ THEY will...Re-establish Bibles in the schools!...And Put out new legislations that's God honouring!"....ALL BY WARFARE AND THE WORDS OF OUR TESTIMONY and THE BLOOD OF THE LAMB! However, the Medianites and the Amalekites joined forces and decided, we are going to take this City, we are going to wipe you out! But, The Spirit of The Lord came upon Gideon and he blew a trumpet, he sounded the alarm and a whole group joined him that was 32 thousand in number! Gideon is feeling a bit better now because he's got people with him! ‎Then Gideon puts a fleece out to make sure GOD was in this...not a good idea but he did it anyway. Then God shows up and HE says to Gideon, "Look Gideon, you've got too many people with you! Too many in your army!...Gideon thinks, I knew there was a catch! God instructs him, tell those who are fearful to go home... 22 thousand went home! Gideon's thinking, not good! God again says to Gideon, Gideon, you've still got too many!‎ Gideon's now thinking, I've had it! God instructs Gideon to send them down to the river to drink. God says to Gideon, the men who drink using cupped hands still looking around, ‎keeping their eyes on the enemy, separate them to one side. Then HE said, but the ones who gets on their knees and laps up the water like a dog not paying attention, not keeping their eyes on the enemy..losing focus, send them home! Gideon's thinking, I'm going to lose more men! He's now getting really depressed! Because only‎ 300 drank cupped hand still looking around...remaining focused..intune with GOD!....This is really a strange thing! What does this mean? It means, Those who did not keep their eyes looking out for the enemy are disqualified - they could pose potential danger...they'd become too self-centered!.....Only 300 could do what they had to do and STILL remain focused, loyal and intune to The Lord 24/7...not becoming disconnected...not becoming vulnerable nor self-centered! Those who lapped up like dogs = the uncircumcised=they are STILL Too self-centered...these are the Outer Court and Pentecostals... These are not fully submitted=surrendered to The Lord...they are serving half-heartedly, motivated by selfish gain and the systems of the world over the Will of GOD...these were all sent home! Thank YOU Holy Spirit for this valuable Insight! IF YOU ARE DRINKING CUPPED HANDS looking out...YOU'VE STILL GOT YOUR EYES ON THE're going with The Lord into THIS battle! MAJORITY OF THE CHURCHES = God's people OUT THERE have no idea THAT THE ENEMY IS RIGHT AT THEIR DOORS....that's because....these are the ones who get on their knees and laps up the water like a dog not paying attention, not keeping their eyes on the enemy..losing focus due to self-centeredness! The truly LOYAL kept their eyes on the enemy because they knew what they were up matter what they were doing! First The Lord said to Gideon, so you want a prophesy! Gideon is pleading=arguing with God for a prophetic word. Then HE INSTRUCTS Gideon to go up at Midnight, right into the enemy's camp...right away Gideon starts to say....I knew there is a catch to this‎...The Lord instructs Gideon...GO RIGHT UP INTO THE ENEMY'S CAMP and I WILL GIVE YOU A WORD!...So he gets there and he is waiting for his word from The Lord. And in the tent right next to him, two guys are asleep suddenly, one of them has a nightmare and starts shouting! ....Gideon's hearing the whole thing....‎The one sleeping next to him wakes up shouting what's the matter with you? HE responds: “A cake of Barley bread tumbled down from The Hill into most of our camp and our tents fell down.” And Gideon is thinking, 'A "loaf of Bread" falling down a hill into a camp?' Is this The Prophetic Word Lord? Then the guy who had the dream says to the one next to him, what does this all mean? He says, “The Israelites are going to come and kill us all!” "Barley Loaf?" So‎ Gideon goes back to his camp and says Ok guys, this is what we've got to do. At midnight we are going to surround the enemy's Camp, blow our trumpets and shine our lights! And the guys are thinking.. we are going at midnight, blow our trumpets to let everyone know we are there...then we turn on 300 hundred lights so they know exactly where we are?!!.... You know the story, huge noise erupts, suddenly light's appearing everywhere, confusion erupts, •The enemy starts killing each other!! ‎That was *one man! The least in the Kingdom! ■»This invitation is open to everyone who is ••willing to submit to The Lord's Sovereignty… ▪︎HIS SOVEREIGN WILL, ▪︎HIS SOVEREIGN RULE, and ▪︎HIS SOVEREIGN WAY! ••Those ready to die to: »their will, »their ways, »their abilities, »their plans and »who they know that could help them to bring theirs will or God’s will to pass! »Those that are WILLING AND READY TO TOTALLY DIE TO SELF, SO THAT JESUS CHRIST CAN COME INTO THEIR SOULS TO LIVE THROUGH THEM… DISPLAYING and DEMONSTRATING....THE CRUCIFIED LIFE! God's building HIS NEW CREATION MAN, HIS END-TIME REMNANT, His End-time JOSEPH'S... IN HIS FIRES OF TRANSFIGURATION! HIS REMNANT PEOPLE THAT ARE GOING TO BE WALKING IN HIS NEVER SEEN BEFORE ENDTIME 7-FOLD ANOINTING!...THE GLORY REALM This invitation is open to everybody no matter who you are, man or woman, young or old! Jehovah's invitation has GONE out! ••Do you want to be an OVERCOMER? ••Do you want to be the FIRST FRUITS of THIS POWER, ••the First to Ripen, ••THE FIRST TO COME TO MATURITY BEFORE THE OTHERS?! ••Do you want to be in the place where you can help the Church to MATURE, FEED them, PROTECT them, KEEP them? This is your's open to all..."MANY ARE CALLED...!" (I, Prophetess, now know that this is my destiny because this is what HE has been training me to do all these years I've been with HIM....)...I HAVE ARRIVED! I HAVE STEPPED INTO HIS GLORY REALM, The SECRET PLACE BEING CONDITIONED, BEING MADE COMPATIBLE TO WALK WITH GOD IN HIS 7-FOLD END-TIME ANOINTINGS! THE GLORY HAS ALREADY STARTED MANIFESTING HERE AT TMOJC! ... ■YOU DON'T HAVE A LOT OF TIME LEFT! GOD HAS A WAY OF PROTECTING HIS BRIDE! YOU ARE GOING TO HAVE HELP! REALLY GOOD HELP! AMENNNN! Because •WHAT I SAW THE OTHER NIGHT IS VERY HARD FOR ME TO DESCRIBE, ••THE (extraordinary)THINGS THAT THESE PEOPLE WERE ABLE TO DO...Neville says, HE GIVE ME A SNEAK PREVIEW! WHAT THIS MANCHILD WAS ABLE TO DO!....(I, Prophetess am one of HIS Manchild...HE'S said). Rev 12:5 ‎KJ21. (Sept 23, 2017) "And‎ She brought forth a MANCHILD, who was to rule All nations with a Rod of iron; And Her Child was Caught up unto GOD and to His Throne."..... I Prophetess have actually experienced giving birth To this child that was caught up to Heaven in a dream that was Sooo 1987 just months after the birth of my natural Son....After This SUPERNATURAL Birth in this dream experience, A mighty Presence appeared wearing Glowing Bright clothes in Brilliant White, I was still laying on the delivery bed, I did not see His entire body but I knew it was The Lord. I only saw the bottom of His Brilliant White Robe and His sandaled Feet and His white robed sleeves when one of His Hands reached down and lifted the Baby and walked off with IT/Him into Heaven!...dream was Prophetic to me declaring my destiny…. ••WHAT I SAW, says Neville ....They went up to The Throne...(WHERE WE, The PURE REMNANT CHURCH ARE NOW IN ZION BEING DELIVERED, CONDITIONED AND COMMISSIONED)... They went up to The Throne to get their empowerment, their instructions, their orders, then They CAME BACK TO THIS EARTH and they, the Manchild, nourished ‎the Bride and brought her to maturity! »»But it was in the midst of terrible persecutions, tribulations, terrible conditions that she was brought to maturity. ….The North Wind blew, it was a Cold Time! But, that time in the ▪︎wilderness started to bring out the FRUITS=The DIVINE ATTRIBUTES of THE 7-Fold SPIRIT of God until like Esther»» She was READY TO SAVE MUCH people! WOW!! You know, it's like, We are right there...(I, Prophetess am next...I heard Him say this to me...on the 9=Sept/11/*16)! ▪︎▪︎3 years ago…. ▪︎wilderness=TRIBULATIONS, TESTS, TRIALS, AFFLICTIONS ■Gideon is no different to you and I! 2 Timothy 1:9: "HE saved you, and called you with a holy calling, not according to our works but according to His own *PURPOSE and *GRACE which was given to us in Christ Jesus before the world began." That's speaking to you/*me! Whom HE did foreknow, HE did predestinate "" Rom 8:29-30; Eph 1:5; Eph 1:11]..... "Whereby, *they~(these MANCHILDs) are given exceeding precious promises that you/I might be partakers of the Divine Nature having escaped the corruption in this world." And besides this: 2 Peter 1:5; says.."Add all diligence to your faith….diligence=(constant and earnest effort to accomplish the tasks given you by The Lord)…..and virtue=holiness=functioning in your Divine spirituality. And to virtue add Divine knowledge add temperance=self-control in your life. And to temperance, patience~(able to remain calm and not become annoyed or lose your composure....Not giving up when waiting for a long time or when dealing with problems or difficult people...ALL done in a carefully circumspect way over a long period of time...accepting pains, hardship ... PESEVERING through them...TOTALLY dependent on GODs Word to you without complaining, forbearance, long-suffering, tolerant, obedient, compliant, submissive, considerate, agreeable, WILLINGNESS, resoluteness, immovable)....And to patience Godliness=GODLY LOVE. And to Godliness, brotherly kindness. And to brotherly kindness, LOVE. Become LOVING like Jesus. For if these DIVINE NATURES OF HIS be inside you, they will make=(build, create, beget, generate) and equip you so that you shall neither be barren(become separated from God or become spiritually empty) nor unfruitful(ineffective) in the knowledge of The Lord Jesus Christ. He that lacks these things is spiritually...BLIND! They cannot see afar off=(they lacks spiritual discernment and insight) and has forgotten that HE was purged from HIS own sins(even though HE was sinless..but... He Suffered-to reveal to us The Father's purging process.. to show us GOD's divine Means of PURIFICATION... of TRANSFIGURATION). So be diligent at ALL TIMES to make YOUR CALLING and ELECTION SURE. __________________________ »»Diligent=constant in effort to accomplish or to understand something...attentive and persistent...done or perused with persevering attention, painstakingly=steadfast, disciplined, tirelessly until the tasks is accomplished! Antonyms=lazy, inactive, indifferent, negligent, languid _______________________ If these things be in you, then press towards MATURITY= COMPLETION, BECOMING THE FULLNESS OF CHRIST! Make sure the first thing is the first thing! Get it right...BECOME THE IMAGE AND LIKENESS OF our gracious Lord JESUS CHRIST! These things=(HIS Godly Divine Attributes) HIS DIVINE ATTRIBUTES has to be in you! Because When they are established in you, then you are heading towards another level, another experience = TRANSFIGURATION Experience!....GOD'S GLORY REALM EXPERIENCE WHERE NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE! THERE'S NO LIMITATIONS IN GOD'S GLORY REALM!!! Do you know what Transfiguration is? It’s like when your spirit/your *soul becomes so full of HIS GLORIOUS LIFE IT EXPLODES THROUGH EVERY ESSENCE=EVERY Atom OF YOUR ENTIRE BEING TRANSFORMING Them! THAT'S WHAT HAPPENED TO JESUS, RIGHT? THEN HE WENT ABOUT HIS BUSINESS PERFORMING MIRACLES AFTER THAT! BUT THERE ARE CERTAIN THINGS THAT HE DID AFTER THAT WHICH HE COULD NOT DO BEFORE! HE COULD ONLY DO THEM AFTER HE HAD BEEN TRANSFIGURED In ZION After the Altar of Incense...which is...the Cross of Crucifixion TOTAL DEATH TO SELF - SOULISHNESS - SOULISH REASONING, and EMOTIONS...AFTER TRANSFIGURATION EXPERIENCE! HIS WHOLE BODY WAS GLORIFIED, every Atom changed AFTER THAT! "THERE IS A PURITY RUNNING IN AN INCREDIBLE WAY WHEN TRANSFIGURATION HAPPENS TO US!"...WE BECOME GLORIFIED...NO LONGER NATURAL, EXISTING PERMANENTLY IN GOD'S GLORY REALM! ■THIS WORLD IS IN THE PROCESS OF BEING RESHAPED! ■DO YOU KNOW THAT A WORLD COURT IS NOW GAINING POWER AND INFLUENCE THAT WILL BE FORCED UPON THE NATIONS? ■The courts of nations will not matter any longer because the courts of this new anti-Christ kingdom will have the power! ■Economic sanctions will be a major tool in the rise of the anti-Christ spirit. ■Lawlessness will deliberately be created and allowed in many nations in order to weaken the people up to prepare them for a totalitarian government or an anti-Christ government. Actually that's happening in nations now. Lawlessness is being organised at high levels. ■A Few years ago, I had a prophetic experience like an interactive vision in which I could talk with the people. I saw Christian communities...the time period of this was the beginning of the rule of the anti-Christ, the first part of the rule of the anti-Christ….Which is about to happen….. I saw Christian communities....some of them housed Jewish refugees.... ■■Let me tell you something, the spirit of Hitler is going to arise in Europe, in Germany again..that's another thing I got in this download... that's coming, that's about to happen. The spirit of Hitler is going to arise again in Germany but, in the end, Germany will assist Israel! But it's going to arise there first! Some of these Christian communities helped Jewish refugees. Christians were helping them and ministering to them. ■■Others were just Christian communities, some large, very large but some small. Some were fortresses of truth and light. ■■But they all had one thing in common.■■■THEY WERE ALL COVERED WITH A HUGE TRANSPARENT DOOM, HUGE! And I was looking at this! Sometimes, I saw like just two houses covered! Other times, entire small towns! And I looked at this and just stood there watching people come in, then come out….come in, then... I watched a man come trying to get in but could not get in! THEN I WATCHED DEMONS COME UP BUT THEY COULD NOT GET INTO THERE! And I thought, Lord, what is this? Then I asked The Lord, what are these Domes made of? HE SAID, THESE DOMES ARE THE COVERING OF MY BLOOD(IN the Holiest of All)....IN MY GLORY REALM! THEN HE LOOKED AT ME AND SAID...WHICH I TRIED TO TAKE IN....HE SAID; MY BLOOD IS NO LONGER RED IT'S LIGHT IN MY GLORY REALM!! Immediately, I THOUGHT OF THE CHILDREN OF ISRAEL DURING THE •FEAST OF PASSOVER WHEN EVERYTHING FELL ON EGYPT BUT DID NOT FALL ON THEM!!! ■THEN I TRIED TO WALK THROUGH THAT COVERING...I WALKED THROUGH IT VERY SLOWLY AND WALKED RIGHT INTO THE INSIDE OF GOD'S GLORY REALM!...AND THE POWER, AND THE PRESENCE AND THE ANOINTING AND THE LIGHT INSIDE THOSE DOMES WERE INCREDIBLE! And some of those Domes‎ were as big as small towns! Then I thought, wow! This is extraordinary! I asked The Lord for a Scripture, an example of this...still in this prophetic vision experience...‎He looked at me and said, haven't you read Psalms 91‎. (THE SECRET PLACE IS NOT A LOCATION IT'S A PERSON, GOD, HIS BEING!) ■God has a way to keep HIS people safe but we must be walking in HIS truths and we must be in HIS LIGHT! THESE ARE THE DAYS IN WHICH WE ARE NOW LIVING..THEY ARE GETTING CLOSE TO US!...some of us have already arrived into HIS GLORY! THE WHOLE OF THE USA IS GOING TO GO THROUGH A TERRIBLE SHAKING! BUT MILLIONS ARE GOING TO COME TO THE LORD! ■A Remnant! •God is about to bring forth a Remnant! He is about to bring forth a people who have Matured ahead of the others! ■THEIR DESTINY IS DIFFERENT!‎ These "Friends of the Bride," they are going to do incredible exploits, moving in the Powers of the Age to come! And the INVITATION IS....IS THIS WHAT YOU WANT? YES LORD, YES!!! IS THIS YOUR DESTINY? YES LORD WITHOUT A DOUBT!!! IS THIS THE REASON WHY I AM HERE AT THIS TIME? (I am confident it is my DESTINY LORD!) THE INVITATION GOES TO YOU! I RECEIVED IT! FATHER I THANK YOU!!! AMEN! AMEN! WE NEED TO SERIOUSLY BE AWARE OF WHAT'S GOING ON AROUND US NOW! Very Important! ■THIS IS THE TIME FRAME THAT WE ARE IN NOW, THE CHURCH IS ABOUT TO BIRTH ANOTHER CLASS OF PEOPLE THAT WILL COME TO MATURITY BEFORE THE REST!...(The death of Billy Graham is the Marker of them about to be released. Happened Feb 21 2018) ■AT THIS POINT, SATAN, THE ENEMY, WILL TRY TO WIPE‎ OUT THE TRUE CHURCH!!! BUT YOU WILL ESCAPE INTO A WILDERNESS… "" TO Birth A MANCHILD WHOSE JOB IS TO PREPARE THE BRIDE FOR THE GROOM!!!!‎....THAT'S WHAT "FRIENDS OF THE GROOM" ARE! ARE YOU READY FOR THIS! (Yes LORD JESUS CHRIST I'm Ready ! ) ■I WOULD NEVER HAVE PREACHED THIS A YEAR AGO...2015. BUT YOU SEE, THE TIME IS RIGHT...2016/19...we've got 1 years to do this! AND THE GRACE IS HERE TO MOVE INTO IT! AND WE CAN HAVE THAT GRACE IF THAT’S WHAT YOU WANT! ■I WANT TO READ AND BRING THIS TO A CLOSE QUICKLY NOW.... ■The PROPHETIC EXPERIENCE I HAD IN JUNE, 2008....I WROTE IT DOWN SO THAT I WOULD NOT MISS ANYTHING! IT WAS ABOUT HALF PAST FIVE IN THE MORNING, I CAME DOWN INTO MY OFFICE TO PRAY. AS SOON AS I STARTED TO PRAY, I FOUND MYSELF IN A PLACE I WAS NOT FAMILIAR WITH. IT WAS PARADISE LIKE. THE SETTING WAS WARM AND THE ATMOSPHERE WAS INVIGORATING(filled with life and energy...GOD'S GLORY REALM!) THE LORD WAS AT MY SIDE AND HE STARTED TO TALK TO ME. HE SAID THINGS LIKE THIS! HE SAID; ■"WHITE IS THE COLOUR OF PURITY AND BLACK SPEAKS OF EVIL!" THEN HE SAID, "HOWEVER; IN YOUR WORLD (the soulish realm), THINGS ARE RARELY BLACK OR WHITE.." (they are full of confusion-conflicting reasonings and sensuous influences... humus emotions)! ■Then HE SAID; »»Key»» "THE PROCESS OF PURIFICATION ARE SOMEWHAT slow BUT IN THESE LAST DAYS IT'S SPEEDING UP!" ■HE SAID, FILTERS SERVES TO PURIFY. BUT FILTERS(The Divine Attributes of GOD, HIS LIGHT-GLORY... His Divine wisdom, knowledge and The unconditional Love of GOD) MUST BE APPLIED IN ORDER FOR THEM TO BE EFFECTIVE(to purify you)... YOU MUST APPLY THE FILTERS(allow My LOVING Holiness to Purify you...remain in ME to allow MY LOVING Holiness to Purify you no matter what!) ■THEN I KNEW HE WAS TALKING ABOUT.... Philippians 4:8..."FINALLY MY BROTHERNS, WHATSOEVER THINGS ARE TRUE, HONEST, JUST, WHATSOEVER THINGS ARE PURE, WHATSOEVER THINGS ARE LOVELY, AND OF GOOD REPORT, IF THERE BE ANY, THINK ON THESE THINGS! "Amen!!! ■THIS FILTER (God's Holy attributes, the wisdom, knowledge and Love of GOD) MUST BE APPLIED HE SAID, TO YOUR MIND, YOUR WILL AND TO YOUR EMOTIONS! ■■THEN‎ HE SAID, SEEK THOSE THINGS WHICH ARE ABOVE IN HEAVEN WHERE I DWELL. HE SAID IN Colossians 3:1; HE SAID; "IF THEN YOU BE RISEN WITH CHRIST, SEEK THOSE THINGS WHICH ARE ABOVE." IN OTHER WORDS HE IS SAYING; "SET=keep YOUR MINDS ON THINGS ABOVE! AT THE RIGHT HAND OF GOD!" SET YOUR AFFECTIONS...THAT IS... YOUR EMOTIONS ON THINGS ABOVE AND NOT ON THE EARTH! For The acquisition of HIS Eternal Heavenly attributes, abilities, provisions, etc. ■AS HE WAS SAYING THIS, I BEGAN TO THINK HOW MUCH OUR THOUGHTS, EMOTIONS and DESIRES ARE SO EARTHLY ORIENTATED...are set on the acquisitions of the mundane things of this world...lusts, vanities, etc.! ■■HOW LIKE ENOCH, WE MUST BECOME. WE MUST BE AT HOME IN THE HEAVENLIES THAN WE ARE ON THIS EARTH! JESUS CONTINUE; HE SAID; WE WERE CREATED TO WALK ON THIS EARTH IN OUR(GLORIFIED physical) BODIES WHILE OUR SPIRITS SOARED INTO THE HEAVENS...IN GOD'S GLORY REALM! HE SAID; WE, HIS 42nd Generation WERE CREATED FOR THIS!!! ■■THEN HE SAID THIS; YOU MUST SEEK TO WALK IN HEAVENS STANDARDS AND WAYS WHILE YOU WALK WITH ME..( we Must reverse the order).... AS YOU DO, MY REALM, MY GLORY REALM WILL BECOME MORE REAL TO YOU... AS YOU DO THIS! ■■Then HE SAID, PURIFICATION IS A COOPERATIVE PROCESS! __________________________ Cooperative=working or acting together for a common purpose or benefit...demonstrating a Willingness to cooperate....*agreeing, responsiveness, coactive, harmonious, teamwork, united, Kindred... Antonyms: disobliging, uncooperative, hindering, encumbering, preventing, unsupportive, rejecting __________________________ ■■■MY LIGHT AND MY PRESENCE WILL PURIFY YOU AND KEEP YOU PURE BUT YOU MUST BE DILIGENT... BY SETTING-keeping YOUR MINDS-your thoughts ON HEAVENLY THINGS....MY REALMS OF LIGHT & HOLINESS then HE remain spiritually minded in your mind and heart, they must be in one accord! ■HE SAID; HOLINESS SIMPLY MEANS TO BE SEPARATED FROM THAT WHICH DEFILES YOU!... "" (Isaiah 6:1-8) BUT WHEN HE WAS SPEAKING TO ME...IT MIGHT SOUND BLAND NOW WHEN I'M TELLING YOU THIS...BUT…..■■THAT ATMOSPHERE WAS PENETRATING ME AT SUCH A RATE THAT I COULD HARDLY STAY ON MY FEET DURING THAT TIME! THEN HE SAID THIS....I RARELY ENTER YOUR REALM(humus unredeemed soul)! HE SAID, YOU MUST ENTER MY REALM... MY GLORY REALM! I THOUGHT ABOUT THAT! Hebrews 4:16; "LET US COME BOLDLY INTO HIS REALM!" ■♡♡THEN A MAN STEPPED FORWARD...I had not realised he was there! It was Joseph! He said: I succeeded through the wisdom of GOD(being led by The Lord...*believing, *obeying and *following His every instructions = Total Submission = unbroken spiritual fellowshipping with The Holy Spirit in our hearts 24/7)! ■Joseph looked at me with INTENSE PENETRATING EYES! HE SAID; MUCH OF THE WISDOM I MANIFESTED HE SAID, CAME TO ME THROUGH DREAMS! DREAMS ARE THE WAYS THAT GOD CAN SPEAK TO YOU=(the spirit you) BY, BY-PASSING THE NATURAL MIND! Job 33:15 ■THEN HE SAID: The NATURAL MIND=humus intellect... IS AN ENEMY TO THE MIND OF THE LORD! (...your spirit mind and My Mind have emerged...spoken to me, Prophetess a good while back...2017) ■HE LOOKED AT ME AND HE SAID; PURIFY YOUR‎ MIND and YOUR EMOTIONS! ■■HE SAID, YOUR PERSONAL *DREAMLIFE AND YOUR *IMAGINATIONS MUST BECOME PURE IN ORDER FOR THE FLOW OF COMMUNICATION FROM THE LORD TO BE UNHINDERED! (■ask For the Seraphims to come into those areas of your being to purify you)...(1:35:06) ■■Then HE SAID; CLARITY IN THE SPIRITUAL REALM REQUIRES CLARITY AND PURITY IN YOUR Humus SOUL LIFE. ■■AT THAT POINT, JESUS SPOKE TO ME AGAIN. HE SAID, "IN THE DAYS THAT LIE AHEAD, MY PEOPLE WILL NEED TO HEAR ME CLEARLY… HE SAID BECAUSE ■MY VOICE=Words IS YOUR LIFE! IT IS WRITTEN; MY WORDS ARE SPIRIT AND ARE LIFE! ■■AND THE TIME IS COMING WHEN THERE WILL NO LONGER BE TIME TO RECTIFY MISTAKES! Very Scary!!! ■HE LOOKED AT ME AND FIRMLY SAID, THE TIME IS SHORT YOU MUST WORK WHILE IT IS DAY FOR THE NIGHT(HARDER TIMES) ARE COMING WHEN NO MAN CAN WORK!....■STRIVE TO DEVELOP YOUR FAITH - SUBMIT TO THE LORD DURING YOUR TRANSFIGURATION PROCCESS! ■THEN JOSEPH SPOKE TO ME AGAIN, HE SAID; IN MY DAY, THE ISSUE WAS FOOD AS FAMINE STALKED THE LAND...HE SAID, IN YOUR DAYS, THERE WILL BE MANY KINDS OF FAMINES! HE SAID THERE WILL BE A FAMINE OF THE TRUE WORD OF GOD! I THOUGHT HOW TRUE THAT IS! ■FAMINE OF TRUE DIVINE INSIGHT=(the ability to understand people and situations spiritually FROM GOD'S PERSPECTIVE... HIS Divine natures - our spiritual identity) AND FORESIGHT=(the ability to see what will or might happen in the future)! ■IN MANY PLACES HE SAYS, WATER WILL BE SO SCARCE THAT COUNTRIES WILL GO TO WAR OVER WATER RIGHTS! WHEN HE SAID THAT, THE IMPLICATION WAS, YOU NEED TO THINK ABOUT THIS SO THAT WHATEVER YOU ARE DOING, WHEREVER YOU ARE, MAKE SURE THAT WATER IS AVAILABLE! I THINK NEVILLE SAID, WATER IS AVAILABLE IN LANCASTER... (REFERRING to the TRUE Word of God)! There will be FAMINE OF THE TRUE WORD OF GOD, HE SAID! ■HE SAID, MANY WILL DIE...HE DID NOT SAY MANY...HE SAID MILLIONS WILL DIE FROM HUNGER! PREPARE FOR THE DAYS THAT LIE AHEAD HE SAID; BOTH •SPIRITUALLY AND •NATURALLY!!!!! WOW!!! ■YOU MUST STAY CONNECTED TO THE LORD AT ALL TIMES! ■■■■THE PLEASURES OF LIFE FROM LIVING IN THE SECULAR WORLD CAN QUICKLY MUDDY THE TRUE WATERS OF LIFE! SEEK THE LORD AND TO KNOW HIM FOR ONLY HE CAN PURIFY YOU!! ■■■THIS IS JOSEPH TALKING!.... ■■■THEN HE LOOKED AT ME REALLY INTENTLY AND HE SAID, YOU MUST FORGIVE THOSE WHO HAVE HURT YOU! AND I THOUGHT, OH, OK! THOSE THAT BETRAYED YOU AND THOSE WHO HAVE SPOKEN AGAINST YOU! HE SAID, FORGIVE YOUR BRETHREN IN THE LORD! ■■■IF YOU DO NOT, YOU WILL BE USED and HAUNTED BY THOSE THINGS! HE SAID, WHEN I FORGAVE MY BRETHERN, REDEMPTION AND RECONCILIATION TOOK PLACE THAT AFFECTED THE DESTINY OF MANY!!☆KEY REMEMBER HE FORGAVE HIS BROTHERS? HE SAID; WHEN I FORGIVE, REDEMPTION AND RECONCILIATION TOOK PLACE THAT AFFECTED THE DESTINIES OF MANY PEOPLE! ■■■THEN THE LORD LOOKED AT ME AND HE SAID THIS; WILL YOU BE FOUND WORTHY (TO GO THROUGH THE DOOR?)... THAT'S NOT A GOOD QUESTION TO ASK ANY PERSON BECAUSE I KNEW HE WASN'T LOOKING FOR AN ANSWER FROM ME BECAUSE HE KNOWS ME INSIDE OUT! I THOUGHT ABOUT THIS QUESTION THEN I THOUGHT, I DON'T QUITE KNOW HOW TO ANSWER IT! I THOUGHT ABOUT IT AND I SAID, I KNOW THE ONLY WAY THAT I COULD COMPLETE AND FINISH MY COURSE WAS TO WALK WITH THE LORD IN PURITY, LOVE AND FAITH! And that HE is able to keep me from falling and straying from the pathway of Holiness and Light! He never said anything back but HE listened to what I'd said...*Therein is wisdom for all of us! There was quiet for a while, no one said anything and I was just thinking. Then, The LORD just QUOTED a Scripture. HE said: in John 3:13; He said: "And No man had ascended up to Heaven but He that‎ came down from Heaven, even The SON of Man which is in Heaven." I thought, oh, Ok! JESUS in other words was both in Heaven and Earth at the same time! ■He said to me, this is the way you MUST NOW LIVE...■FROM YOUR GLORIFIED EXISTENCE! WOW!!!....HE WAS IN HEAVEN AND EARTH AT THE EXACT SAME TIME! ...LIVING IN GOD'S GLORY REALMS! wow! IT SAYS; NO MAN ASCENDED UP INTO HEAVEN BUT HE THAT CAME DOWN FROM HEAVEN EVEN THE SON OF MAN WHICH IS NOW IN HEAVEN!...HE WAS ON THE EARTH WHEN HE WAS TALKING THIS! WOW!!! ■■Very, VIP...I WAS JUST STANDING THERE TRYING TO THINK AGAIN WHEN JOSEPH BROKE INTO MY THOUGHTS! HE SAID...■■JESUS WILL RETURN IN YOUR DAY!!!! YOU MUST BE READY! TIME IS SHORT! YOU MUST PREPARE AND FEED THE HARVEST, the harvest that you will reap! Feed them with the right food and they will mature more quickly than any of the preceding generation! WOW! ■HE SAID BE DILIGENT (constant in effort to accomplish THIS; attentive and persistent, done and pursued with persevering attention, painstakingly! YES LORD!!! ■BE DETERMINED! FINISH YOUR COURSE WITH JOY! DO NOT LOSE YOUR FOCUS NOR STRAY OUT OF PLACE!!! THE REALITY OF THAT VISION... BEGAN TO FADE.... THEN I WAS BACK IN MY ROOM! ■■■HE SAID JESUS WILL RETURN IN YOUR DAY! LOOK, I'M 76!....To date, 15th July, 2019, 3 and half years later he's 79... AND HE SAID JESUS WILL RETURN IN MY DAY! .... HE SAID JESUS WILL RETURN IN YOUR DAY! THERE'S NOT MUCH TIME LEFT! THE ANTI-CHRIST KINGDOM IS BEING SET UP IN EUROPE AS WE SPEAK! WITH THE HEADQUARTERS IN BRUSSELS! ITS STARTING TO GO DOWN! MEANING, ITS HAPPENING...IT'S ALREADY TAKING PLACE! ■■■IN THE MIDST OF ALL THIS, THERE WILL BE A COMPANY OF JOSEPH!!! WHOSE ROLE IN THE MIDST OF GREAT TRIBULATION - WILDERNESS AND FAMINE, HIS ROLE WAS TO SAVE MUCH PEOPLE ALIVE! ■■WE ARE GOING TO HAVE TO FEED WHOLE CITIES! YOU'VE GOT TO FEED YOUR FAMILY... WE CANNOT JUST BURY OUR HEADS IN THE SAND AND SAY, ITS ANOTHER GREAT CONFERENCE AND IT'S GREAT! WE MAY NOT HAVE ANOTHER CONFERENCE! I HOPE WE DO BUT WE MAY NOT! ■■☆EVERYTHING STARTS TO TURN THIS YEAR..2016! I WILL TALK ABOUT THAT TOMORROW! BUT EVERYTHING....2016...THE TURN COMES!!! IT WILL NOT BE THE SAME NEXT YEAR AT THIS TIME! WE WILL BE IN A DIFFERENT WORLD ALTOGETHER! ••SO, WHAT SHOULD YOU BE DOING? PRESSING INTO THE LORD WITH ALL OF YOUR HEART! GIVE HIM YOUR TIME, YOUR FOCUS, YOUR LIFE, FIND OUT WHAT YOUR DESTINY IS IN YOUR WORLD AND IN YOUR LIFE.... I KNOW YOU HAVE A DESTINY TO BRING HEAVEN TO EARTH (in you. soul First then out into the world) FIND OUT IN WHAT AREA OF YOUR LIFE-YOUR THINKING AND YOUR CHARACTER, YOUR SPEECH, YOUR TONE OF VOICE YOU'VE GOTTA BRING HEAVEN TO EARTH IN! YOU HAVE A DESTINY! THE FACT THAT YOU ARE ALIVE IN THIS GENERATION! YOU HAVE A DESTINY! THE SEED OF THE WOMAN WILL FINALLY FINISH THIS! JESUS HAS ONE GENERATION! HE SAID THIS LAST GENERATION, THIS 42ND GENERATION WHICH IS MISSING IN MATTHEW CHAPTER 1 IS HERE TODAY... AND DAVID SAID; THIS WAS WRITTEN FOR A GENERATION TO COME AND... IT IS THIS! HALLELUJAH!!! GLORY TO GOD!!! YOU KNOW, YOU COULD HAVE BEEN BORN IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DARK AGES! THAT WOULDN'T HAVE BEEN GOOD! BUT HE ORDAINED IT THAT YOU WOULD BE HERE TO TODAY AT THIS DISPENSATION! WHY? BECAUSE YOUR DESTINY IS CONNECTED WITH THESE LAST DAY PURPOSES OF GOD in this earth! Let's just Pray shall we? I want us just to be still for a moment! It's important that we are not just hearers of The Word, but that hearing The Word triggers action...harmonious responses! The LORD is Standing here, HE'S WATCHING, HE IS LOOKING ! THERE ARE MANY, MANY ANGELS! YOU KNOW, GOD IS REQUIRING, A RESPONSE IN SOME WAY! KNOWING THE DAYS THAT WE LIVE IN! HE IS REQUIRING A RESPONSE, A COMMITMENT (a state of engaging oneself, AGREEMENT) YOU KNOW, IN THE SENSE OF NOT JUST HEARERS, BUT A COMMITMENT TO SEEK, TO FIND, AS BROTHER SADHU WAS SAYING; YOU'VE GOT TO FIND WHY YOU ARE HERE, IN THIS GENERATION! WHY ARE YOU HERE? THAT YOU WERE ORDAINED TO BE HERE BEFORE YOU WERE BORN! YOU HAVE A ROLE TO PLAY! YOU HAVE A PART TO PLAY! WHETHER YOU ARE OLD, YOUNG, MARRIED, UNMARRIED, MOTHERS WITH CHILDREN, YOU HAVE A PART TO PLAY WHICH IS‎ TAILORED TO YOU...FOR BRINGING HEAVEN TO EARTH! MANIFESTING JESUS IN THIS EARTH...WHEREVER YOU GO! IT IS TIME FOR YOU TO SEEK THE LORD WITH ALL OF YOUR HEART SO THAT YOU UNDERSTAND YOUR DESTINY, WHAT IT IS, SO THAT YOU KNOW WHY YOU ARE HERE! LET ME JUST SAY THIS; YOU KNOW, THINGS CHANGE! THERE IS A CHANGE LIKE, THIS YEAR WILL MAKE A CHANGE AND YOUR DESTINY MIGHT TAKE ANOTHER STEP FORWARD! THERE WILL BE ENLARG‎EMENT! YOU NEED TO BE AWARE OF THAT! AND 2016 IS THE YEAR‎, THERE MAY BE FURTHER STEPS IN YOUR DESTINY, FURTHER STEPS YOU NEED TO UNDERSTAND..IN Your DESTINY! AND THE GRACE OF GOD IS HERE to empower you when you decided to take those supernatural steps according to HIS WILL! HE WANTS TO IMPART THAT TO YOU THIS YEAR=NOW...HIS GRACE AND DETAILED UNDERSTANDING AND WISDOM TO MOVE INTO YOUR EXPECTED CHANGE! SO THAT YOU KNOW, YOU UNDERSTAND, YOU HAVE AN UNDERSTANDING OF IT AND.... IT'S IN SUCH A WAY THAT YOU WILL BE ABLE TO MOVE FORWARD FROM WHERE YOU ARE... TODAY...FURTHER INTO YOUR MY DESTINY! ENLARGEMENT! I KEEP SEEING THIS WORD; ENLARGEMENT, ENLARGEMENT! IT'S LIKE, WHATEVER YOU'VE BEEN DOING, NOW IT'S GOING TO BE ENLARGED! IT'S LIKE YOUR DESTINY IS GOING TO BE ENLARGED AGAIN! THINGS ARE GOING TO CHANGE FOR YOU AND THOSE CHANGES... THIS YEAR! I SEE MANY ANGELS LOOKING INTENTLY! FATHER I PRAY THAT THERE WILL BE AN IMPARTATION OF Your Divine UNDERSTANDING‎, Your Divine KNOWLEDGE AND UNDERSTANDING! LET THERE BE A DOWNLOAD LORD INTO THE LIVES OF YOUR PEOPLE....AN ENLARGEMENT...meaning FURTHER UNDERSTANDING LORD OF THEIR DESTINY‎. AND IF THEY HAVEN'T UNDERSTOOD IT YET, LET THERE BE A BEGINNING OF THEIR UNDERSTANDING! LORD, I PRAY LORD THAT AS THEY SLEEP YOU WILL BEGIN TO SPEAK TO THEM IN DREAMS! YOU WILL BEGIN TO QUICKEN YOUR WORD TO THEM IN SUCH A WAY THAT THERE COMES UNDERSTANDING! LOOK! FOR EVERYONE OF YOU, THINGS ARE GOING TO CHANGE! WHETHER YOU ARE A PASTOR, HOUSEWIFE, WHATEVER YOU ARE DOING, YOUNG PERSON....THERE IS A CHANGE THIS YEAR, NOW... THERE IS AN ENLARGEMENT COMING! GOD WANTS TO GIVE YOU INSIGHT AND FORESIGHT! ONCE YOU KNOW AND ONCE YOU UNDERSTAND THAT AND YOU ACCEPT THAT, THEN HE WILL EQUIP YOU WHETHER IT'S FINANCIALLY OR THROUGH SPIRITUAL GIFTS OR WHATEVER‎ ABILITIES, HE WILL EQUIP YOU FOR IT! BUT ITS TIME TO STEP UP AGAIN TO ANOTHER LEVEL! IN ALL YOUR WAYS ACKNOWLEDGE HIM(TELL HIM) AND HE WILL DIRECT YOUR PATHS! THE LORD IS REALLY SEARCHING, SEARCHING YOUR HEARTS RIGHT NOW! HIS ANGELS ARE LOOKING INTENTLY AT YOU! IT'S LIKE GOD IS REQUIRING A RESPONSE! HE'S SAYING, YOU CAN BE A PART OF THIS COMPANY! GIDEON WAS THE LEAST IN HIS TRIBE & FAMILY BUT.. HE SAID, YOU ARE A MIGHTY MAN OF VALOUR! LOOK, YOU ARE A MIGHTY WOMAN OF VALOUR! __________________________ VALOUR = boldness determination in facing great danger especially in facing battles, heroic, courageous, bravery=Indomitable seeming risky decisions...The Leading of The Lord!!!! __________________________ You are a mighty young person of Valour! You are here to affect change! Standing in The Kingdom of GOD! Things that have been the same for a long time are about to change! They are about to change! You've got to be open to change! Don't be afraid of change! You've got to be open to change! This is the year...2016! It's a PIVOTAL YEAR! FATHER I PRAY FOR THESE PEOPLE! I ASK FOR YOUR ANGEL TO IMPART TO THEM OVER THE NEXT FEW DAYS AS THEY CONTINUE TO SEEK YOU! THERE ARE SO MANY ANGELS HERE! SOME OF THESE ANGELS WILL GO WITH YOU TO HELP YOU TO UNDERSTAND YOUR PURPOSE AND YOUR DESTINY! THEY WILL GO WITH YOU AND THEY WILL BE WITH YOU FOR MAYBE A FEW MONTHS, I DONT KNOW! BUT THERE IS ENOUGH TO GO AROUND... IF THAT'S WHAT YOU WANT...AND IS SINCERE IN KNOWING YOUR PURPOSE AND THE PLAN AND YOUR DESTINY, •THEY WILL GO WITH YOU! •ONE WILL GO WITH YOU TO HELP YOU WITH THIS! FATHER, I PLACE THESE PEOPLE INTO YOUR HANDS, I PRAY THAT THE ANGELS OF THE LORD THAT ARE HERE WILL GO WITH THEM AS THEY LEAVE THIS PLACE AND STAY WITH THEM TILL THEY HAVE UNDERSTANDING, REVELATION, INSIGHT! THANK YOU LORD! THANK YOU LORD JESUS! THANK YOU LORD! LORD, I COMMIT THESE PEOPLE INTO YOUR HANDS! BE KIND TO THEM, BE GRACIOUS TO THEM! Bless them Lord! I bless them, I bless them!!!! ••LET REVELATION SPRING UP WITHIN THEM...this is the Quickening! LET UNDERSTANDING, INSIGHT AND FORESIGHT COME TO THEM... IN JESUS NAME. You know....GOD HAS A WAY WHERE THERE SEEMS TO BE NO WAY! HE HAS A WAY!!!! SOME OF YOU ARE SAYING....I AM LOCKED IN‎TO SITUATIONS THAT HINDERS me, THAT ARE NOT OF YOUR OWN NECESSARY MAKING! I ASK YOU LORD TO MAKE A WAY FOR THESE PEOPLE! MAKE A WAY SUPERNATURALLY! MAKE A WAY FOR THEM! CHANGE THEIR CIRCUMSTANCES! DO WHAT IS NECESSARY TO OPEN UP A WAY FOR THEM I PRAY, IN JESUS NAME! JESUS MAKE A WAY.....I KEEP GETTING....WHERE THERE IS NO WAY, HE WILL MAKE A WAY FOR YOU! WHERE THERE IS NO WAY...YOUR DESTINY CANNOT BE HINDERED BY PEOPLE!..... HE WILL MAKE A WAY WHERE THERE IS NO WAY FOR YOU AT THE MOMENT....HE WILL CHANGE THE CIRCUMSTANCES....IF THIS IS WHAT YOU WANT... THEN YOU'D HAVE TO PRESS IN TO THE LORD TO FIND YOUR DESTINY AND PURPOSE AND FLOW IN IT FAITHFULLY.... HE WILL MAKE A WAY FOR YOU! THAT TIME HAS COME!‎ We thank YOU LORD! WE THANK YOU LORD JESUS! THANK YOU LORD! THE LORD SEES YOU DIFFERENT TO HOW YOU SEE YOURSELF.. YOU MIGHTY WOMEN OF VALOUR! MIGHTY MEN OF VALOUR! HE'S CALLING YOU! HE CAN DO IT! THANK YOU LORD! THANK YOU LORD! WE THANK YOU LORD, THANK YOU LORD JESUS! MANY MINISTRIES ARE ON THE POINT OF CHANGE IN SOME WAY...ITS GOOD! THINGS ARE GOING TO CHANGE! THINGS ARE GOING TO CHANGE FOR YOU‎! THINGS THAT YOU'VE HELD ON TO FOR YEARS, THINGS ARE GOING TO CHANGE! HE'S GOING TO DO IT! THANK YOU LORD! ALL KINDS OF CHANGES! SOME OF YOU ARE GOING TO MOVE HOUSE! SOME OF YOU ARE GOING TO MOVE FROM WHERE YOU LIVE! THERE'S GOING TO BE A SHAKE UP! IN ORDER TO BRING HIS PLAN TO COME TOGETHER FOR YOU AND OTHERS IN YOUR LIFE. It will start this year...THE SHAKE UP IS GOING TO START THIS YEAR... THE SHAKE UP IS COMING BUT IT'S GOOD! IT'S GOOD! THANK YOU LORD! THANK YOU LORD JESUS! THANK YOU LORD JESUS! HALLELUJAH HALLELUJAH HALLELUJAH ! GOD WILL MAKE A WAY FOR YOU WHERE THERE IS NO WAY! HE WILL MOVE HEAVEN AND EARTH FOR YOU SO THAT YOU FIT INTO YOUR CALL AND PURPOSE. FATHER I JUST COMMIT THESE PEOPLE TO YOU TONIGHT. BLESS THEM LORD! LORD BLESS THEM AND KEEP THEM! LET YOU HAND BE UPON THEM CONTINUALLY! LET REVELATION CONTINUE TO FLOW INTO THEIR LIVES! LET UNDERSTANDING COME LORD! GIVE THEM FAITH AND ENDURANCE TO PURSUE TO THAT WHICH YOU ARE CALLING THEM TO. FATHER I ASK IT IN JESUS NAME AMEN!

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